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Month: April 2018

Harmik Batth Tech Blog

Windows Slow Logon

It is really hard to detect whats exactly causing windows slow logons. Most of the time it is caused by Group Policy and combination of Folder redirection or permissions for something. So I started troubleshooting slow logon for some users, where time varies from user to user. One of the user reported 45 minutes to …

SCCM Documentation – Get SCCM Site Maintenance Tasks

Lets get Site Maintenance Tasks for SCCM Server in current environment. What are we achieving here, is to display and report what is configured for Site Maintenance tasks- example below So to get the desired result, we will run the following powershell commands cls $CMSites = Get-CMSite ForEach($CMSite in $CMSites) { $SiteMaintenanceTaskWordTable = @() $SiteMaintenanceTasks …

SCCM Documentation – Site Configuration – Site Roles

Now Site Roles, have a read on Microsoft Docs about the Site roles “Configuration Manager uses site system roles to support management operations at each site. When you install a Configuration Manager site, some site system roles are automatically installed and assigned to the server on which Configuration Manager Setup has run successfully. One of …