Outlook – The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

This seems to be pretty easy to fix but it can be quite complex, depending on the environment. For me, it took me around 2-3 hours to fix it properly. So I decided to write about all my findings so that someone else don’t have to spend this time.

Issue: When setting up new profile, outlook displays error message “The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action”

Troubleshooting methods:

I have tried several troubleshooting methods and then researched online but nothing seems to be helping. So here is what I tried and hopefully one of these fixes will fix it for you as well.

First of all rule out is it user based issue or computer based

  1. Setup profile on different machine – Tried Setting up same user on two different machines and can replicate issue, so it is not computer based surely. But is it user based, more testing required.
  2. Is it affecting more than user – Yes and No, it is not affecting all users but selected random users.

So the troubleshooting of far suggests it is something to do with Environment or Exchange itself.

Then I tried below steps to resolve it.

  1. Setup new profile on same computer, but Failed.
  2. Setup new profile but manual, by specifying the mail server address – Failed
    1. Here it is not able to resolve Mail Server
    2. Checked DNS, Exchange Services and everything seems to be fine.
  3. Tried some registry fix mentioned on some of the blogs, but Failed.
  4. Tried more registry fixes but still Failing
  5. Tried Outlook compatibility mode but Failed

Now I have ruled out that it is not Computer or particular user or environment, so it is Exchange.

  1. Checked Exchange, all Services are working fine.
  2. No errors in Event log

So Finally I came across this blog, which solved the issue I was having.

Here are the steps to Fix it.

  1. Open IIS Management Server on Exchange Server
  2. Click on Application Pools
  3. Right click on MSExchangeAutoDiscoverAppPool and click Recycle
  4. Right click on ExchangeRpcProxyAppPool and click Recycle

Try again it will should work now.

Hopefully this will fix the errors for you.



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