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Exchange Server 2016 – Installation Guide

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Exchange Server 2016 – Installation Guide

This blog is regarding Exchange Server 2016 Installation. You can find most of the installation steps on Microsoft blogs and lot of other blogs mine. But I did face some issues and spent a day to finally install it properly and would like to share my information so you don’t have to spend a day.

Software Requirements:

  1. Windows Server 2016 (Standard or DataCenter with Desktop Experience)
  2. Exchange Server 2016

It seems like quite straight forward to install Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016. but like any Microsoft new products, there is gotcha’s. I will be providing you exactly what you need.

As there is lot to cover, I have designed to run this part of the blog series as per following:

  1. Exchange Server 2016 – Design and Recommendations
  2. Exchange Server 2016 – Installation via PowerShell
  3. Exchange Server 2016 – Installation via GUI
  4. Exchange Server 2016 – Post Installation Steps



Comments: 2

  1. Hamid says:

    Hello harmikbatth
    Yesterday I tried to upgrade my exchange server 2013

    Name : EXCHANGE2
    Edition : Enterprise
    AdminDisplayVersion : Version 15.0 (Build 847.32)

    To Exchange Server 2013 CU16, and CU17 but I receive error on both upgrades:
    “There was a problem accessing the registry on this computer. This may happen if the Remote Registry service isn’t running. It may also indicate a network problem or that the TCP/IP Netbios Helper service isn’t running.”

    1- I don’t have running firewall on my server 2012 R2
    2- .NET Framework is installed
    a. Version : 4.6.0159
    b. Release : 394806
    3- Both services Remote Registry and TCP/IP Netbios Helper is started
    4- File and printer sharing is active too

    Could you please guide me what should I do.

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