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SCCM 2016 – Import Drivers

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SCCM 2016 – Import Drivers

Drivers needs to be imported into SCCM for installing the Operating system properly.

At least Network Drivers needs to be imported and injected into Boot images. SCCM makes it easy to inject the drivers in Boot images, where as it was semi manual process if you are using WDS and MDT only.

To Import drivers in SCCM, Open Configuration Manager Console

Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Drivers

Right Click on Drivers and Click Import Drivers


Specify the Network location to import drivers. SCCM will automatically search for driver recursively.

Click Next to Continue


After you click Next, it will Validate the Drivers and get driver attributes.


Once Drivers are validated, you will be presented with list of Drivers.

Select the Required Drivers and Click Next to Continue


This is where you can create a Driver Package, which is useful as you can re-use the Driver package for Operating System Deployment tasks.

Click Next to Continue


If you require, you can directly inject the drivers into boot images.

If you are only importing the network or storage drivers, then you should include those for boot images. But you can importing whole other set of drivers as well, then best to leave this blank. Because it will import all these drivers into boot images which wont be necessary at all.

Click Next to Continue


Click Next to Continue to start importing Drivers.



Click Close to Finish



This completes the Importing Drivers in SCCM.



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