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SCCM 2016 – Operating System Deployment

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SCCM 2016 – Operating System Deployment

One of the First Task I would normally achieve out of SCCM is Operating system Deployment. To achieve this automated Deployment of Operating system to the Desktop computers and Servers requires a great level of understanding and configuration of various component.

Systems Administrators normally find it hard to configure for first time. But once it is configured then it is matter of adding more drivers and Operating System Images.

So in this blog, I will show you the hard part. Because there are numerous steps here to be performed, I have broken this into different parts.

If you are configuring the SCCM 2016 for the First time ever, following components needs to be configured in order to deploy your first ever OS to computers.

  1. SCCM 2016 – Add System Role
    1. SCCM 2016 – Add System Role Distribution Point
  2. SCCM 2016 – Configure Distribution Point
    1. SCCM 2016 – Add PXE Support for Distribution Point
    2. SCCM 2016 – Configure Network Access Account for┬áDistribution Point
  3. SCCM 2016 – Configure Boot Images
  4. SCCM 2016 – Configure DHCP Server with SCCM Boot file Server and Boot File Names
  5. SCCM 2016 – Add Operating System Image
  6. SCCM 2016 – Deploy Operating System┬áto Distribution Point
  7. SCCM 2016 – Create Task Sequence
  8. SCCM 2016 – Import Drivers
  9. SCCM 2016 – Inject Network Drivers to Boot Image
  10. SCCM 2016 – Deploy Boot Images to Distribution Point
  11. SCCM 2016 – Deploy OS image to Computer



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  1. Mustafa Khan says:

    Outstanding organizational and logical documentation!

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