4 Replies to “SCCM 2016 – Add Operating System Image”

  1. Articles at your site are a great help; hoping to get a little more information here would be helpful: “Specify the path to the Operating system image file. It must be UNC path.”
    Is this the path to some image file that sccm is going to referece and suck in as I build the image? Is this the path the clients will use to find the file when they boot? If it’s the path the clients will use, do I put something there before I start all this, or does this process put something there or am I just way out in the weeds.


    1. Actually this path is used as source for the wim file of the operating system.

      This path will not be used to deploy to client. Clients will get copy of it from the distribution points.

      After adding the operating system, you will need to deploy or distribute it to distribution points to be able to used by clients.


      1. Thank you for the info! Clearing up the picture for me little by little. To complete my lack of concept, can you tell me: Does the o.s. expect a file to already be there (and then is there an article for how to build and place this image?)? Or will it build something in there?


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