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SCCM 2016 Install guide

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SCCM 2016 Install guide

Welcome to the System Center Configuration Manager 2016 install guide. In this guide, I will walk you through to the difficult process of Installing SCCM. I said difficult because there are lot of pre-requisites and dependencies for SCCM to be installed.

SCCM is not a easy product to install and lot of experienced administrators found it challenging enough. I will try to make it easier for you as much as I can with this guided setup.

Before you proceed further, have some time to read following:

  1. Introduction To Configuration Manager
  2. Fundamentals of Configuration Manager

Before you install SCCM, following Pre-requisites must be installed on SCCM server(s).

  1. SCCM-2016 Installation Pre-Requistes
    1. SCCM 2016 – Extend the Active Directory Schema
    2. SCCM 2016 – Create Service and User Accounts
    3. SCCM 2016 – Firewall configuration
    4. SCCM 2016 – Windows Server Roles and Features
    5. SCCM 2016 – Report Viewer
    6. SCCM 2016 – ADK for Windows
    7. SCCM 2016 – Install WSUS

Once we all have of these pre-requisties installed, we can then install SCCM 2016.

  1. SCCM 2016 – Install System Center Configuration Manager 2016
  2. SCCM 2016 – Post Installation Tools


We will be using Windows Servers 2016 as base OS for all Servers including Domain Cotnroller, SQL Server 2016 and SCCM Server.


References: Microsoft Docs – Setup SCCM Lab


Next Blog – SCCM 2016 Installation Pre-Rerequisites



Comments: 19

  1. Rajan says:

    Harmik, Any possible way to extend schema partition without giving Shema admin permission to the user account. Please let me know Asap.

  2. Rajan MB says:

    Thanks for the reply!! In our infra 1 forest & 3 child domains and in 2 domains the primary standalone SCCM was already configured. For the third domain we are planning to configure primary standalone sccm 2016 now in the third domain we couldn’t have schema admin in the dc server.
    So kindly let us know to proceed further with this case..

    • harmikbatth says:

      Extending the Active Directory schema is a forest-wide action and can only be done one time per forest. Extending the schema is an irreversible action and must be done by a user who is a member of the Schema Admins Group or who has been delegated sufficient permissions to modify the schema. If you decide to extend the Active Directory schema, you can extend it before or after setup.

      You CAN run SCCM without extending the schema, but there are some things that will not work.

      I would do it somehow, it is a pretty safe operation, and very unlikely that it will cause any problems.

      Here Microsoft’s list of what will not work with Config manager:

  3. Rajan says:

    Thanks for your suggestion !!

  4. G says:

    Just wondering, our domain controllers are Server 2008 R2. Do you think is better to upgrade/move to 2016 ?

  5. Rajan MB says:

    We have created system container outside the CN=System mistakenly in ADSI edit shall we move back to the system management or it will cause any issue or any other option for this??

  6. Rajan MB says:

    Thanks for prompt response!! but it throwing error so shall we create new system container inside the system management instead.

  7. Rajan MB says:

    ok Thank you!!

  8. Rajan MB says:

    It is possible to deploy the windows update for single client machine ?

  9. Rajan MB says:

    where the deployment summarization is showing all required clients as “Client check passed” but they never progress and further Software Updates deployment remains at unknown status Any help appreciated.

    • harmikbatth says:

      Rajan are they active clients. Do clients talk back to sccm server. Any updates scheduled to collection of computers.

      Under client actions, what are the roles installed and enabled

  10. Rajan MB says:

    Yes, checked and found CCM agent and configuration manager in the control panel has been installed also client system status in console showing as Checked and passed with active state.

    Under client actions, we selected sup,mp,failover,etc

  11. Shaik says:

    Hi Harmik
    What are the required firewall ports for Sccm servers between client.

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