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Month: November 2016

Harmik Batth Tech Blog

Secure Password using Powershell

Do you need to use passwords in your script. Yes, most of System Administrators needs to use it in order to fully auotmate script. Specially when you are working with multiple domains with no trust, workgroups and DMZ zones. I have seen lot of people just put their passwords in plan text in the scripts. …

Read Log File and Mount PS Drive based on shares in log file

This Script will Read the provided log file and Mount PS Drive based on the shares provided. Make sure that Log File and Script is in same location, or alternatively change the log file location to desired location This script is basically developed in response to  – Log file looks like: Script as per below …

Get AD Users and Export to CSV

Powershell is not only making doing system administration tasks easy but also very effective and saves lot of time. Instead of connecting to AD, searching for particular user and copying pasting contents. You can just use one line powershell script to do this for you. Get-ADUser -Filter ‘*’ |  select SamAccountName, Department, Location | Export-Csv …