Installing System Center 2016 Operations Manager Step by Step – Part 8

Part 8 – Importing Management packs and Conclusion

There are numerous management packs available for System Center 2016 – Operations Manager. You have several options for importing management packs:

  • Import directly from the catalog on theMicrosoft Pinpoint Site by using the Operations console.
  • Import from disk (local storage or a network file share) by using the Operations console.
  • Use the Operations console to download a management pack from the catalog to import at a later time.
  • Use an Internet browser to download a management pack from the catalog to import at a later time.

Using the management pack catalog service requires an Internet connection. If the computer running Operations Manager cannot be connected to the Internet, use another computer to download the management pack, and then copy the files to a shared folder that is accessible to the Operations Manager management server.

To import a management pack from the catalog

 In the Operations console, click Administration

 Right-click Management Packs, and then click Import Management Packs


The Import Management Packs wizard opens. Click Add, and then click Add from disk.


For this post, we will be importing the management packs that comes with SCOM installation media

On the Select Management Packs page, the management packs that you selected for import are listed. An icon next to each management pack in the list indicates the status of the selection, as follows

A green check mark indicates that the management pack can be imported. When all management packs in the list display this icon, click Import

A red error icon indicates that the management pack is dependent on one or more management packs that are not in the Import list and are not available in the catalog. To view the missing management packs, click Error in the Status column. To remove the management pack with the error from the Import list, right-click the management pack, and then click Remove


The Import Management Packs page appears and shows the progress for each management pack. Each management pack is downloaded to a temporary directory, imported to Operations Manager, and then deleted from the temporary directory. If there is a problem at any stage of the import process, select the management pack in the list to view the status details. Click Close


In the Operations Manager console, you will see information will start populating for those Management packs targets soon.


Alright This concludes the Installation of SCOM 2016 inlcuding all components (Management Server, Operations Console, Web Console and Reporting Services), Discovering and Installing Agent, Importing Management Pack.

I hope you did find it useful and happy to get some feedback whether positive or negative.

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