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Installing System Center 2016 Operations Manager Step by Step – Part 6

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Installing System Center 2016 Operations Manager Step by Step – Part 6

Part 6 – Reporting Services Installation

Install Reporting Services via Command line

setup.exe /silent /install /components:OMReporting /ManagementServer:%FirstManagementServerName% /SRSInstance:%DWSqlServerInstance% /DataReaderUser:%DataReaderUser% /DataReaderPassword:%DataReaderPassword% /EnableErrorReporting:Never /SendODRReports:0 /SendCEIPReports:0 /UseMicrosoftUpdate:0 /AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement:1

Install Reporting Services via GUI

On the Operations Manager installation media, run Setup.exe, and then click Install


On the Getting StartedSelect features to install page, select the Reporting server feature. To read more about each feature and its requirements, click Expand all, or expand the buttons next to each feature, and then click Next.


On the Getting StartedSelect installation location page, accept the default value of C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager or type a new location or browse to one, and then click Next.


On the Prerequisites page, review and resolve any warnings or errors, and then click Verify Prerequisites Again to recheck the system.

If the Prerequisites checker does not return any warnings or errors, continue to the PrerequisitesProceed with Setup page. Click Next


Read License Terms and Click Next


On the ConfigurationSpecify a Management server page, enter the name of a management server that is used by the Reporting features only. Then click Next.


On the ConfigurationSQL Server instance for reporting services page, select the instance of SQL Server that hosts SQL Server Reporting Services, and then click Next.


On the ConfigurationConfigure Operations Manager accounts page, enter the credentials for the Data Reader account, and then click Next.


On the ConfigurationHelp improve System Center – Operations Manager page, select your options, and then click Next.


If Windows Update is not activated on the computer, the ConfigurationMicrosoft Update page appears. Select your options, and then click Next.

Review the options on the ConfigurationInstallation Summary page, and then click Install. Setup continues.rs_9

When Setup is finished, the Setup is complete page appears. Click Close

If Reporting services is installed correctly then “Reporting” link will appear in Operations Manager console.


At this point, you should be able to open one of the report and verify your installation.

You may not have any data, as this is fresh install or depending on how old is your environment you may have some to report on.

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