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Passionate Systems Engineer, it's all about Automation, Cloud and SysOps work. 

How To’s

Most of the content on are How To’s for anyone to follow with detailed documenation. All of the content are based on First time installs and also bug fixing.


Apart of Detailed How To’s, also have blogs on opinion that expresses the view of the blog owners. Opinions does not represent any company or group.


Most of the content on website is for informational pruposes only, this is guide only. Before you implement it to Production environment, make sure you have backup procedure.

Harmik Batth

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How to’s and Fixes combined together

I always try to provide detailed documentation for every blog pages, so that the time I have spent on some of the bug fixes, can be useful for someone else to fix the same problem quickly and effeciently.

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The Main Blog data

Blogger Harmik Batth, have detailed How To Documentation for following products

Latest Blogs

Here are my latest blogs, I hope you will find it useful!


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My story

How To Get most out of Blog

I have started blogging for my own purpose actually. I wanted a place where I can document all of my work, so that it can be used as reference point later. But soon enough I realized that there are lot of people out there, who are looking for same information and have been struggling to find correct answers.

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My philosophy

Protective Preventative Maintenance

My philosphy toward work is really simple and straight forward. I try to work hard enough but at the same time making sure work is done effeciently and correctly. So that Client or Business, everybody is getting what they are paying for. 

Lets just do it correctly First time.

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Don’t take my words for it – here’s what my follower says:

This is very helpful. Thank you very much. I modified it a bit to suit my current organizations requirements and works perfectly.


I would like to say: thanks alot!!!
I followed your guide(s) on SCCM 2016 and i flawlessy got it installed and running smoothly.


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This Blog is owned and managed by Harmik Batth as sole individual only.

Harmik Batth


Harmik Batth, a Systems Engineer who has a passion about automation and System Administration work. I always say that in Systems world, anything can be automated.

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