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SCCM 2016 – Inject Network Drivers to Boot Image

Injecting drivers into Boot images is crucial in order to start OSD process. Without this, Client will not be able to access the network resources. To Inject the drivers or including the drivers into boot images, Open Configuration Manager Console Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Boot Images Right Click on Required Boot …

SCCM 2016 – Import Drivers

Drivers needs to be imported into SCCM for installing the Operating system properly. At least Network Drivers needs to be imported and injected into Boot images. SCCM makes it easy to inject the drivers in Boot images, where as it was semi manual process if you are using WDS and MDT only. To Import drivers …

SCCM 2016 – Configure Distribution Point for PXE Support

For Operating System Deployment, You need to have a PXE support. PXE Support can be enabled on one of the Distribution Points. PXE support will allow clients to request a OS Deployment over the network. Launch the SCCM 2016 Console and Go to Administration, Servers and Site system roles, right click Distribution point and click properties. Click …

SCCM 2016 – Add Distribution Point System Role

I am not going to describe each role, as Microsoft has documentation explaining each role and its functions here. Each System Role has its own function. You can install multiple roles on one server or on separate servers.Each Role extend the functionality of the SCCM. Let’s install a new Role for SCCM. To do so, Open […]