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Windows OS and Hardware Information using Powershell

Getting information about Windows OS and it’s hardware is crucial for System Administrator’s today. But main question is how to collect it. Lot of companies have software like SCCM, SCOM and other tools to obtain this information. When it comes to grabbing information from various servers and analyzing it at same time, nothing beats PowerShell. …

Installing System Center 2016 Operations Manager Step by Step – Part 6

Part 6 – Reporting Services Installation Install Reporting Services via Command line setup.exe /silent /install /components:OMReporting /ManagementServer:%FirstManagementServerName% /SRSInstance:%DWSqlServerInstance% /DataReaderUser:%DataReaderUser% /DataReaderPassword:%DataReaderPassword% /EnableErrorReporting:Never /SendODRReports:0 /SendCEIPReports:0 /UseMicrosoftUpdate:0 /AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement:1 Install Reporting Services via GUI On the Operations Manager installation media, run Setup.exe, and then click Install On the Getting Started, Select features to install page, select the Reporting server feature. To read more about each feature …