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Tag: install guide

SCCM 2016 Installation Pre-Requistes

I am not going to write about Hardware and Software supported configurations, as Microsoft has covered it in detail, please visit here I will be providing you step by step approach to install it. Before you install SCCM, following Pre-requisites must be installed on SCCM server(s). Please follow below SCCM 2016 installation parts to do …

SCCM 2016 Install guide

Welcome to the System Center Configuration Manager 2016 install guide. In this guide, I will walk you through to the difficult process of Installing SCCM. I said difficult because there are lot of pre-requisites and dependencies for SCCM to be installed. SCCM is not a easy product to install and lot of experienced administrators found …

Installing Windows Server 2016 – Server Core

In this post, we will be Installing Windows Server 2016 (Server Core). When you install Windows Server 2016 using setup wizard, you will asked to choose between Server Core and Server with Desktop Experience. Actually Server with Desktop Experience is full Windows setup like previous versions, just have Desktop Experience feature installed. If no option is …