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Get AD Users and Export to CSV

Powershell is not only making doing system administration tasks easy but also very effective and saves lot of time. Instead of connecting to AD, searching for particular user and copying pasting contents. You can just use one line powershell script to do this for you. Get-ADUser -Filter ‘*’ |  select SamAccountName, Department, Location | Export-Csv …

Installing System Center 2016 Operations Manager Step by Step – Part 1

The purpose of this post is to go through guided installation of Microsoft System Center 2016 Operations Manager with agent installation and management pack importing as well. As this is Microsoft product, I will be using Microsoft Documentation – Microsoft has put lot of emphasis on Enterprise based Monitoring solution for infrastructure resources. In Today’s …

My First blog post

This is my first ever post. I have been thinking what to write and what not to write. There are many thoughts that I could write an opinion or How To. Finally, I decided one something which I think is best in my case. I am going to tell my readers what why I started …