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Windows Slow Logon

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Windows Slow Logon

It is really hard to detect whats exactly causing windows slow logons. Most of the time it is caused by Group Policy and combination of Folder redirection or permissions for something.

So I started troubleshooting slow logon for some users, where time varies from user to user. One of the user reported 45 minutes to login, and that’s when it was escalated to me.

I started my troubleshooting with updating as per below:

  1. Updated Network Drivers on Laptop and Desktops
  2. Scanned through Group Policy events for Critical, Error or Warnings messages.

I found nothing out of event logs.

But then I started looking into Informational event in Group Policy Operational logs and found one of the policy is taking about 40 minutes to process. This particular policy if Folder Redirection.

These events can be found under


Event Id is 5016 and message will be similar to below. Just look for Policy which took more than 1000 milliseconds to process


This is our problem and require fixing.

Now I looked into Size of the Folders and can confirm that depending on the size of the folders, logon time varies.

To fix it, Apply below Group Policy settings

  1. If you have enabled the policy “Do not automatically make redirected folders available offline” policy, it may cost long time to logon. For details, please refer to the following link:
  2. Disable the “Synchronize all offline files when logging on” policy under
    User Configuration\Policies\Administrative templates\Network\Offline Files
  3. Disable the “Synchronize all offline files when logging off” policy under
    User Configuration\Policies\Administrative templates\Network\Offline Files
  4. Also you can try switching off “Fast User logon” under
    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

    1. This group policy PC settings changes to ‘wait for network connection’ before processing group policies and noticed that there is a massive improvement on logon times once you see the ctrl+alt+del screen now
    2. But PC will take time to get to Ctrl+Alt+Del stage.
    3. If you choose wait for network connection before processing group policies, it means that computers will wait for network being fully initialized then apply group policy. This will shorten the time used to apply policy as the network is fully initialized. By default Windows 7 has Fast Log on features, the network and group policy is refreshed background. For more information, please refer to the article “Group Policy Processing”:


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