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Exchange Server 2016 – Exchange Admin Center

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Exchange Server 2016 – Exchange Admin Center

The Exchange admin center (EAC) is a web based management console in Exchange Server 2016 which is optimized for online, on-premises and hybrid deployments.

Exchange Admin Center  was first introduced in Exchange 2013 replacing the Exchange Management Shell and Exchange Control Panel.

After you have successfully installed the Exchange 2016 and opens the Exchange Admin Center for first time, it will prompt you to select the Time zone of the server.


Select the Time zone from the Drop down box and Click Save


By Default it will take you to the recipients tab.


EAC can also be accessed from any other computer using the Internal or External URLs. These URLs are controller by IIS virtual directories. Virtual directory called “ECP in the Client Access  (frontend) services on the Exchange Mailbox server.

There are two types of URLs:

  1. Internal URL
  2. External URL

You can configure both different URLs or same URLs to make things easier and provide similar experience.

To Configure these URLs, you can use the Exchange Admin Center or Exchange Shell. This will be covered in my next posts.

For full details of Exchange Admin Center, please visit here


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