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SQL Server Installation – Non Canonical DACL Error

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SQL Server Installation – Non Canonical DACL Error

I have been approached by my colleagues I used to work previous to previous employer. Two of my ex-Colleagues currently working as System Engineers contacted and looking for information if I have seen the error during SQL Server Installation.

The error is “Setup has detected a non canonical discretionary access control list (DACL)

They both have been working for last couple of hours and ready to build a new server but thought about giving me a call one time.

So I did Team Viewer into one of the Engineer machine and looked at the error. And started looking on web regarding the error. After 5 minutes I was not able to find anything solid but just some permission issue on some of the folders. But none of the fixes worked.


I am aware that SQL does not uninstall cleanly, so it leave the Microsoft SQL Server folders and some Registry keys behind.

So Steps to fix the problem are as follows

  1. Uninstall SQL Server
  2. Restart Server
  3. Rename or Remove Microsoft SQL Server folders from C:\Program Files\
  4. Re-Install SQL Server

So simple approach and it works.

Hope to hear from you soon, if or not it worked for you as well.



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