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SCCM 2016 – Deploy OS image to Computer

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SCCM 2016 – Deploy OS image to Computer

This is it, the Final moment. Deploying the OS Image to a computer or number of computers. This will test your boot images, drivers, OS Image and Application installation.

You would like this to go as planned and everything should work normally.

To Deploy an image to Computer, Boot the Computer with PXE-Enabled NIC. If PXE is not enabled on Network card, please go to BIOS and change settings.

Once your computer boots from PXE, it will get an IP Address from DHCP and Boot file name as well. This Boot file will advise the computer to load specific Boot Image.

After the Boot Image is loaded properly it will open up Configuration Manager Task Sequence selection, that’s where you choose which OS image to install. SCCM then download and install the image with any other configuration, drivers and applications to be installed.

Boot your computer with PXE


Select the Required Architecture.


It will load the required images for SCCM to start deploying.


Win PE loads up and continue to SCCM deployment process.


After you select the required Task Sequence, it will start Downloading and applying the Image


Computer will Automatically restart and Windows will start automatically.


You can now login to Windows and start using.

This completes Deploying Operating System to Computers.


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