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SCCM 2016 – Add Distribution Point System Role

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SCCM 2016 – Add Distribution Point System Role

Each System Role has its own function. You can install multiple roles on one server or on separate servers.Each Role extend the functionality of the SCCM.

Distribution Point – “A Site System Role that contains source files for clients to download, such as application content, software packages, software updates, operating system images, and boot images.”

Let’s install a new Role for SCCM. To do so, Open the Configuration Manager console, Select Administration, Under Site Configuration select Sites. Click on Add Site System Roles.


Leave all Default settings here and Click Next


Specify Different Proxy Server if required, Otherwise Leave Default and Click Next


Select the Role you would like to add to Existing Site Server and Click Next.

Because I already had the Distribution Point installed on this server, it will not appear in the list.


Click Next To start adding the Role


Wizard will provide you an update with whether or not the role is successfully installed for not. Click Close to Finish.



That’s it. We have the new role added to existing SCCM Server.




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