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SCCM 2016 – Install WSUS

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SCCM 2016 – Install WSUS

Last but least requirement is to Install WSUS component as well. If you already have this n your organization then you can look into using it. But it is recommended that you install Fresh version of WSUS because if you have approved or delcined updates then SCCM might not work properly.

Let’s just install this role on SCCM server. To install WSUS, you will be adding a new Role to the Server and some required feature to support it.

On the Required Server, click “Add Roles and Features“.


Click Next to Continue on Before you Begin page


Select “Role-Based or Feature-Based installation” and Click Next


Select “Select a server from the server pool” and Click Next


Check or click on “Windows Server Update Services” and Click Next


One you click on WSUS to be installed, Windows will automatically advise you to install additional required features. Click “Add Features” to Continue


Click Next on Add Roles and Features wizard


Click Next to Continue


Click Next to Continue again


Select the Required components.

Install WSUS Services and SQL Server Connectivity only

Click Next to Continue


Enter the Local or Remote path, where you would like to the WSUS to store updates.


As we have selected to install “SQL Server Connectivity”, we now have to provide SQL Server details and check connection. This will use the specified SQL Server and create a WSUS Database in it.

Provide SQL Server FQDN name and Click on Check Connection.

Click Next to Continue


Click Next to Continue


Click Next to Continue


Click Install to start installation


Once Installation is finished, you will see new DB called “SUSDB” appear on the SQL Server provided.


At this point, do not Configure WSUS and we will be installing SCCM to manage WSUS.

If you do happen to approve, reject updates that can affect SCCM later.

This completed the WSUS installation.



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