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Disable IPV6 using Powershell

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Disable IPV6 using Powershell

Although you should be using the IPV6 for future, but System Administrator from time to time, may be required to disable IPV6 for various reasons.

Again, this can be done via GUI. But will require few GUI based steps and repeating the same task on 1000’s of machine will require dedicated person performing a task, which can be automated or done within seconds via Powershell.

Let perform this task – Disabling IPV6

First of all, we need to know the Interface details you are looking to disable it on. To do so, you can either run Get-NetAdapterBinding or Get-DNS client


After you have Interface Name, Alias or Index, you can then run powershell cmdlet “Disable-NetAdapterBinding” for that Interface and disable the required component.

Component ID for IPV6 is ms_tipconfig /cpip6

So, lets execute the following command to Disable IPV6 protocol on particular interface

Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name “Ethernet0” -ComponentID “ms_tcpip6”

This will execute and disables the IPV6.




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