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Trip to Power BI

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Trip to Power BI

As a SCOM Engineer, I do work with Reporting and everyone knows that SCOM Reporting has great level of details but missing graphical representation. I started using Power BI and was amazed with the stuff we can do using Power BI and most importantly how easy it is.

Microsoft has provided a great guided learning for Power BI, if you haven’t checked it yet please visit it now – Power BI Guided Learning

I have personally finished the Power BI learning in a day and very comfortable using it. I started with downloading the Power Bi Desktop and started using it. It was fun to learn and explore. It provide easy way to connect two or more data sources and provide visualizations. You can combine Internal, External, online or other various methods of getting data.

Power Bi is very powerful and has in built smarts to detect, analyze and visualize data.

“Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.”

Power BI Desktop for Windows

This is where you will build reports internal, test them and then publish it to Power BI Service to be shared among other users and customers.

Power BI Service

Power BI Service lets you build Dashboard, customize reports and datasets. You can share among group of people or individual from here.

On-premises data gateway

On-Premise Gateway are required in order to keep your data up to date on Power BI Service. You can schedule a Refresh of data automatically.

Only catch is that it allows maximum to daily level and up to 8 repeats in a day.
It is great application and should be learned asap to provide future Dashboards and Data Representation. I have already built my couple of Dashboards in 3 days and looking to use for a customer actually.
I will be working with Power BI and will provide you some other insights and how To’s soon.


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