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Installing Windows Server 2016 – Server with Desktop Experience

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Installing Windows Server 2016 – Server with Desktop Experience

In this post, we will be Installing Windows Server 2016 (Server with Desktop Experience) is not much different from Server Core installation.

We will be performing clean installation here. It is up to you to choose physical server or virtual environment for installation.

Follow below procedure to Install Server Core 2016

  1. Start your physical Server or Virtual Machine
  2. Insert or Mount Windows Server 2016 installation media
  3. Let your server boots with Windows Installation media
  4. When Windows setup page appears, select your language, time format and keyboard type and click Next
  5. Click on Install Now button to start windows installation
  6. Select the required version of windows to be installed and Click Next
  7. Accept the License terms and click Next
  8. Select the Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option for clean installation.
  9. Select hard drive that you want to install the windows server on and Click on New button to create Logical Drive. Enter appropriate Hard Disk size and click Apply
    You may be asked to confirm that creating additional partitions for windows to 
  10. Click on Next Button to start Windows Server installation.
  11. System starts coping all the files to hard drive. It may restart several times to complete installation.
  12. After windows is successfully installed, you will be prompted for change the password. Press Enter to change password and Choose complex password.
  13. Press Ctrl-Atl-Del to login and Enter you login credentials.
  14. Finally here is the Windows Server 2016 installed


To Conclude, We’ve installed the Windows Server 2016 successfully and is ready to be used. To change the edition, you have to do the clean installation again. Now you can install server roles and features as required.

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